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The CMBD Program is an inclusive and supportive group of dedicated individuals at all stages of their scientific careers. Current and former trainees are the backbone of our Program. They are guided by an exceptional cohort of Northwestern faculty.

Student Portrait

A total of 18 PhD students participate in the CMBD Program each year. Each student typically participates for two years in the Program. Thus, the cohort of 18 students is a mix of new appointees and re-appointees.

Since 1983, CMBD has trained hundreds of PhD students. Former trainees are currently at all stages of their careers, from working as postdoctoral fellows to working as University Presidents.

Business Meeting

CMBD is led by a Director and Co-Director and are ably assisted by a Faculty Steering Committee composed of eight CMBD preceptors. This Committee participates in all CMBD Program activities and they act as advisors and mentors for the trainees. A pool of over 80 Northwestern faculty are preceptors in the CMBD Program.

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