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The CMBD directors and preceptors recognize that the scientific leadership of tomorrow is strengthened by diversity and inclusion in the training of today’s students. The CMBD Training Program is committed to the recruitment, retention and professional success of a diverse cohort of students, and to providing access and accommodations for students with disabilities.

The CMBD Program is funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences. Northwestern pre-doctoral students must meet several criteria in order to be appointed to the Program and funded by the NIGMS. Eligibility for CMBD appointment will be determined by the following criteria:


Students in DGP and IBiS should have successfully completed their first year of courses and rotations and selected a thesis mentor. Students in MSTP should have completed their M2 year and selected a thesis mentor.


Thesis mentors for students must be appointed as CMBD preceptors. The list of CMBD preceptors is found here. If a mentor is not yet appointed as a CMBD preceptor, he or she may apply to the Program for appointment, which occurs on a rolling basis. Mentors should contact the CMBD Administrator for details.


Students must meet NRSA qualifications as US citizens or permanent residents.


Students must provide tangible evidence of interest in basic interdisciplinary biomedical research through undergraduate coursework and research, internships, or graduate coursework and research.

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